Question Styling Updated... finally!

We've finally done it... we've updated the old styles on our question pages!

What we've done

We've taken the old styles from the question quiz pages (which were made with our old template, powered by BootstrapCSS) and updated them to fit the template we use for the rest of Coldricalcs that we updated some time ago.

Why it took so long

While the whole site was relatively easy to convert to our new styles on a backup, development version of Coldricalcs, a pretty long time ago, we hung fire on the question pages. This was because we weren't sure what we wanted to do with them and how we wanted them to look. The question pages also worked pretty well and we didn't want to accidentally destroy how they work while changing how the page was formatted. But, it's finally got to a point where the change is long overdue, so we've taken the leap, and we've got some pretty cool ideas on how we want them to look.

How we did it

Warning for technophobes: the following contains fancy details on how we developed these changes. 🤣
First, we made a copy of the pages so we didn't lose the old version. We got this new file to render on the adding of "v2" at the end of question links, so the original could continue working on the usual links. We then set up the usual Coldricalcs Dashboard template and removed all the Bootstrap CSS and Javascript files, as we'll no longer need these. We then replaced all the Bootstrap styles we had that needed to change to the respective TailwindCSS alternatives we use. We also changed some annoying design errors in the original, such as spacing. When we were all done, we made all the question links point to the new file without needing the "v2". And, there we have it! Updated styles on the question pages!

What we're going to do

We've got some cool ideas for how we'd like the question pages to look. Keep your eyes peeled for changes. One idea is updating the pagination to be more "quiz-like", similar to what the folks at Sensei LMS have done here:

Thanks for reading!

We hope you enjoy Coldricalcs and as always please do send your feedback and ideas, for the question pages or anything else on Coldricalcs, to [email protected]. If you need support, we're always ready to help over email via [email protected].

Eddie Coldrick

Eddie Coldrick

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